Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cook It - Pina Colada Waffles

Of all the breakfast foods, waffles seem to be the most versatile. Sure you can eat them with plain old maple syrup, but why would you when the possibilities are limitless? In the past I have made waffles shaped like Christmas trees, Santa, and even a Ninja Turtle. I have also made some pretty tasty combos like nutella and banana waffles, churro waffles, and apple spice waffles. But today, my friends, marked a first for me. Today was the day I created pineapple shaped waffles that tasted like a tropical paradise. I here by present to you my coconut waffles with warm pineapple maple rum sauce aka The Pina Colada waffles.

True, these waffles would taste just as good not shaped like a pineapple. But what is the fun in that? These waffles were so good that although I intended to take just one or two bites to make sure everything tasted right, I ended up eating the whole thing. They were warm and boozy and tasted like I was sitting at the beach sipping on my go to tropical cocktail. You must try these!

Waffle Recipe:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Make It - Spin Art Sugar Cookies

Do you remember those fun little spin art machines from when you were a kid. I loved to spend all day spinning and dropping paint onto the pieces of paper. I recently came across a Melissa and Doug brand spinner set at Home Goods (like this one here), and I knew that I needed it for my kids. What I wasn't thinking was how I would use this little contraption for myself. Then along came my friend Jennifer (of and a post of her daughter making a spin art cookie at a local baking supply store. Their contraption for making these spin cookies was more complicated than this little manual spin art machine I just bought, but I thought "hey! Why not give it a try?".

It turns out that it worked and made some pretty cute cookies. Yesterday I even had Jennifer over for a play date and the kids all took turns spinning their cookies and dropping icing on them for some fun patterns. Here are all the details to make your own super fun spin art cookies!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Home Tour Tuesday - The Kitchen

Yesterday I showed you the before photos and all the details on how we remodeled our kitchen. You can see that post here. And now it is time for the after shots! 

My favorite part of our new kitchen is the large island. The white quartz counter was a splurge, but I think it helps make this

Monday, July 27, 2015

Renovate It - Our Kitchen Remodel

Tomorrow's home tour post will be all about our kitchen. This was the space that I knew I wanted to renovate into my dream kitchen as soon as we moved in. I was able to use some of the extra money from the sale of our old house to use towards our kitchen reno. But before I post the after shots of the kitchen, I wanted to show you a bit of the before and during renovation process today.

Here was our kitchen before we moved in.

The previous owner did upgrade some of the items in this kitchen (cherry stained cabinets and recessed lighting), but the dark cabinets and red walls were not my style. I really had my heart set on a light gray and white kitchen.

The first thing that I did was